Collection: Alcohol Ink Workshops

 Ink Imaginings Workshop

  • Explore creating textures and depth using coloured and metallic Alcohol Inks on different surfaces 
  • Learn to techniques for moving the ink with different drying tools i.e.: ink puffer, straw and hairdryer
  • Take home multiple completed works (including your favourite in a frame!) and a coaster tile covered in glorious ink!  

Fading Ripples Workshop

  • Learn how to using a hairdryer technique to make elegant lines of gold or silver (Ripples) to create borders between colours, an outline for an image or shape, and add texture.
  • Explore how to create gradual fading of colour (Fades), how to lighten off areas of ink that become too dark, create balance and learn how to control the ink.
  • Take home a number of finished pieces elegantly decorated with ripples and fades created on synthetic paper and a candle or ceramic pot.

Shimmering Roses Workshop

In this Workshop, you will be guided through 2 approaches for making roses.

  • Learn how to control the ink to make the shape of a single rose, first with colour, then adding gold. 
  •      Create a background of colour first, then turn it into a bouquet of roses with shimmering golden highlights.
  • Take home beautiful artwork pieces with your own unique shimmering roses on display.

Handcrafted Cardmaking Workshop

  • Create multiple alcohol ink artwork pieces using various application and drying techniques.
  • Learn how to prepare and assemble each element of your handcrafted card, finishing off by mount your artwork to the front of your card. 
  • Take home your artwork pieces, with your favourite piece featuring on the front of your beautifully crafted card presented in a cellophane bag. 

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